Flexibility • Strength • Endurance • Balance

You'll feel stronger, calmer, and more centered. 

  • Classes fuse different intensities of strength, cardio, flexibility and agility with modifications and opportunities to move into more challenging variations as well.
  • You'll never do the same workout twice - you'll never be bored and your body will never plateau!

How it works:

  • Our classes are held onsite in your space.  Whether you have a gym, an empty conference room, a rooftop, parking deck, or outside area, we can customize a class just for you!
  • If equipment is used, it will be provided by host otherwise, our classes are designed around body weight exercises.  
  • Together, we'll choose days, times and types of workouts you prefer. 
  • Class size is limited according to physical space available. 
  • Prices will vary depending upon size of group and number of workouts. 

Fitness Offereings

Signature Thrive

A 1-hour, full body workout for all fitness levels. A well-rounded, fat-burning strength, core and cardio workout.  

Done in 30

Jumpstart or intensify your fitness routine with a high-intensity, short-duration CIRCUIT TRAINING class. Three intensity options for all fitness levels.

Perfect for those that have tight schedules and can only fit in 30 minutes.

Sole Mates 

Put your best foot forward and walk with us! Burn fat, strengthen your heart and tone muscles all while doing one of the simplest forms of exercise!  Walk at different speeds with conditioning exercises thrown in to keep you on your toes!  

    Yoga for Every Body

    A fresh look at the basics of yoga - great for all levels regardless of flexibility or body shape. Learn alignment tailored for your specific body type.  Mats not provided.

    Stretch & Restore

    Stretch your body from head to toe, loosen stiff joints and unravel tight muscles.  Well move through all of the major muscle groups, freeing tension and leaving you full of energy!


    There are many different types of meditation to choose from making it difficult to know where to start. Join us to experience different types of meditation so that you can pick the ones that work best for your needs in your life right now. We will sample silent, guided, and active meditations.

    Wellness Challenge - Have more energy and feel better too!

    You'll set your goals and guidelines, decide your incentives and eligibility, and choose your teams and captains. Then ask us to gently nudge or really push.

    We'll help you focus on your strengths and celebrate your uniqueness. We'll work every muscle group with unique, challenging and FUN workouts, help you eat clean (you don't have to eat perfectly) and offer mindful exercises as well. We'll mix it up and keep you motivated! 

    How it works:

    • Each week of the challenge, Tally Sheets will be provided online.
    • Keep track of your points Monday – Sunday of each week.
    • Team Captains will tally points weekly.
    • Weekly and overall drawings and prizes TBD

    Inquire about our fitness offerings today!  404.786.2928