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Hi! I'm Pam.  

Let's just say...I've been there and back again.

I'm a certified Life Coach, Nature Based Coach and Natural Born Dreamer. I have a natural strength for believing in possibilities, digging deep, finding resolve and restoring balance.

I help women and men thrive even in the face of life's greatest challenges.

  • Are you trying to navigate through a difficult transition?  
  • Are you experiencing the after effects of a devastating experience?
  • Are you stuck or confused and in need of a plan to move forward in life?
  • Does the idea of rebuilding your life seem impossible?

It seems like the hardest thing in the world - because it is.

Rediscover who you are without all that stress.  As a coach, I'll show you how.  Living the life you really want to live is possible and it's my job to give you that nudge to wake-up the dreams you have for your life.


  • Depending upon logistics, one-hour sessions are via phone, Skype, or in person.


  • Find out if life coaching is right for you. Are we a good fit for each other? What is it that you hope to gain?

Prepaid Packages

To enroll in the following programs and to inquire about optional payment plans, please call our studio at 404.973.0074.

One hour sessions:  $100  Purchase here.

3 months/6 sessions: $540  Purchase here.

  • $90 per hour
  • Will accept two payments of $270 each.
  • Email recap of each session.
  • Assignments will be offered between sessions to ensure effectiveness.
  • Expiration 3 months from date of purchase.

Adult Groups

Going through a crisis? Do you want to start a group or become part of one? Are you...

  • Suffering from an illness or a recent health diagnosis? Grieving for a family member, a close friend, or a cherished pet? Doing everything right yet everything's going wrong between you and your teen?  Experiencing the after effects of a devastating event?
  • Let's meet and work together so everyone can feel empowered to be more healthy, happy, and productive.

Group rates:  TB

Connect with me anytime.  404.786.2928   

  • "Pam has a way of helping people who are going through a crisis in their life. " - M. Edwards  
  • "Our son created havoc in our family life.  My husband and I felt less stressed and hopeful for the first time in a long time." - P. Stilling
  • "She made all the difference."  C. Polson


I was trained as a life coach by Martha Beck, Harvard graduate, best selling author, and regular contributor to the Oprah Magazine; quite simply, I was trained by the best.  Training included intensive live coaching workshops, countless hours of tele-classes, practice coaching and being coached myself.  In Martha's words, "live it to give it" - a superb way to understand the ins and outs of coaching. Plus, I was able to "do my own work" - to gain clarity, break through old mindsets - in short dig deep and dream big!  

I was also trained as a Nature Based Coach by Michael Trotta, Master Life Coach, Naturalist and Tracker. Along with intensive live coaching workshops and tele-classes, training included programs in nature awareness and wilderness skills. Sagefire Institute Leadership Training incorporated blending the teachings and wisdoms of native cultures with the understanding of how through nature a different prospective and empowered approach can be brought to the coaching experience.

What people are saying...

"Pam has a down-to-earth nature, which makes her very approachable. I was struggling with what to do next in my life - what career path to take - what to do with my broken marriage. She has helped me look at my life from a different perspective, create goals, and gain the confidence I need to move forward in life."

M. Wainright, a woman who now has a plan

"My wife was diagnosed with cancer and we were overwhelmed.  A friend referred us to Pam, saying she has a way of helping people who are going through a crisis in their life.  She helped us in so many ways - coaching us toward a positive attitude and outlook.  Her wisdom and kindness propelled us forward. She was a life saver."

D. Lund, husband of a cancer survivor

"My daughter was out of control. I was out of control.  Pam's calming and direct approach helped immensely.  She offered a perspective that others weren't able to give.  I feel hopeful for the first time."

R. Parkway, single mother of a troubled teen

"We didn't know where to turn or what to do.  Pam immediately helped us identify our granddaughter's problem and with her guidance we were able to come up with solutions that really worked!  She has great knowledge and insight and coaches with compassion.  We are forever grateful."

 Grandparents in care of a troubled teen

Be Coached   404.786.2928.